Although the lines on my face are too few to boast of wisdom and experience, I am fortunate to have lived a unique life so far. I have lived at opposite ends of the earth and viewed the world through a different lens.

Although the circumstances were unfortunate, I am forever grateful to have lived the first half of my life in New Zealand, the following half in Norway. I am based in Oslo, Norway.

Family Portraits

I adore children and have a huge fascination in the life cycle.

I am lucky in my work to share a connection between a vulnerable but powerful and beautiful soon to be mother and a bride and groom freshly wed. Photography is much more than taking photos, good photography is sensing the energy, capturing feelings and emotion, finding the right light to paint a portrait of how magic and powerful this moment in time is.


I would capture the candid moments of your special day

I like to think that my hunger for experience and creativity reflects itself in my work. I have noticed in my testimonials and feedback that there is a common theme, clients seem to feel at ease in my presence, that the process was fun and pleasant.

Who am I

I am a photographer and videographer, I look forward to capturing special moments in your life journey and making sure those memories last a lifetime.

Get in touch

If you are planning an event or simply have an inquiry about pictures, video or editing. Please feel free to contact me.

(+47) 41 85 61 27
(+64) 20 4565 269

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand (until march 2022)