Houses on wheels

Because of the connotations attached to the word houstruck it is often easily understood, however there are not many that understand exactly what it is.

In The Gypsy Fairs there are two types of houses on wheels; houstruck and housebus. The main difference between a housetruck and a housebus is that a housetruck is a house which is separate from the cab where one drives, the house is simply built on top of a chassis. this is an internal framework that supports a man made object in its construction and use. Quite often there will also be a loft over the cabin of the truck.

A housebus though, is when the driver is literary driving inside of the house.

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One thought on “Houses on wheels

  1. Your mother’s housetruck was a world of its own. Filled to the brim with everything she needed to raise her 4 children. Treasures and trinkets, she was a collector of beautiful things, but finding them in her well organised secret hidey holes was a skill in itself. I can’t wait to read your blog as you unravel the fabric of your life growing up in her magical world. Auntie Tracy


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