The Original Gypsy Fair: Whakatane

I am connecting with my past. The Original Gypsy Fair is a group of people that travel around New Zealand and sell different items or activities in their stall. This group has let me join them for their first month traveling around New Zealand. I am looking forward to every laugh, experience, and connection I make with them.
Next week’s video is about solar panels.

The week before

Tomorrow I meet the gypsies in the The original Gypsy Fairs. I am both really exited and nervous because this is one of the main reasons for me coming back to New Zealand. This week has been all about trying to get my truck to a nice enough standard that I can show her off.
Let the fairs begin.

Welcome to my housetruck

I have just bought a housetruck, taking the nomadic path. I have also been in a sphere with little internet and tlf. signal. Making it difficult to keep my social platforms updated. In this vlog you see the shell of my new home. In the following week I will be fitting this shell into something that will fit my needs perfectly. I love this new “beginning”!