Welcome to my housetruck

I have just bought a housetruck, taking the nomadic path. I have also been in a sphere with little internet and tlf. signal. Making it difficult to keep my social platforms updated. In this vlog you see the shell of my new home. In the following week I will be fitting this shell into something that will fit my needs perfectly. I love this new “beginning”!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my housetruck

  1. Welcome (back) to New Zealand Jola and congratulations on your new home. I’m dying to see what you name it. Your Mum would be so pleased to see what you’re doing – no doubt she’ll be dropping into your passenger seat from time to time. Light a little fire outside your whare and have someone play guitar and sing beside it just as she and I used to – that would bring her many smiles. May your travels bring you many smiles and the road give you awesome memories. Big hugs, Deb. xxx

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