The week before

Tomorrow I meet the gypsies in the The original Gypsy Fairs. I am both really exited and nervous because this is one of the main reasons for me coming back to New Zealand. This week has been all about trying to get my truck to a nice enough standard that I can show her off.
Let the fairs begin.

7 thoughts on “The week before

  1. Every truck has its story Jola, and yours will tell its own as you go along. Don’t worry about how yours will measure up – that’s not what this lifestyle is about. And anyone that thinks otherwise hasn’t quite ‘got it’ yet. Happy travels. xxx

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      1. i am inspired by your journey and how you have custom built your own gypsy wagon,i look forward to following your adventure and hope you make it through to kaikoura where i was born ,but living in of travels and to your spontaneouse nature!!!


      2. Martin. I hope your family are all ok and that there isn’t to much destruction around your families home.
        I did manage to get to Kaikoura before the earthquake and it was truly beautiful. I hope this quake doesn’t effect the community to much in the long run.
        Sending you and your family light


      3. thank you for your reply my parents live in kaikoura in puhi puhi valley and it was quite a loud frightning earthquake. But they are ok even after all chimneys fell down and the water tanks but they are fine now and the power is working well.Have a merry Chistmas with light, joy and a happy new year.:] stay safe for journeys to come,

        Thanks, Martin.

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