The Kaikoura Earthquake

After the Kaikoura Earthquake that happened shortly after midnight on Monday the 14 November 2016, there was a tsunami warning along the whole of New Zealand’s coastline. In the days that followed there has been over 1500 after shocks, ferries stranded outside of the harbour with passengers onboard for around 12 hours. Many roads have been closed and tourists and others have been exported with helicopters out of now remote areas that have no form of transportation available. These are just a few examples of the many that are results of the large earthquake.
I hope that New Zealand’s previous experiences with mother nature’s movements will make this one just a little bit easier for those in need. Last but not least I would like to give my love and light to all of those that have been affected.
Thank you Clayton Lindstrom For your films from Clarence!

2 thoughts on “The Kaikoura Earthquake

  1. Loved ur video reports. We were in Blenheim and still can’t believe in 3 mins of shaking. All that land arose out of sea and one side of the fault1 of a few) moved 10 metres relative to the other.

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    1. Its both amazing and scary that the earth has such force. It really is crazy that its all happened. I am now in Nelsen and I am glad that the aftershocks have nearly stopped. Personally I can’t feel any of them because I am in my housetruck, if they still are it would only feel like wind. Which I am quit happy about. I hope you and your family are safe and dont have to much damage around you


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