New Zealands Tiniest House?

Is this New Zealands tiniest house?

It sure is the smallest and cutest I have seen. What do you think?

Thank you Ivan for showing us all your beautiful home!

Feel free to share and show others this beautiful being and his home.

4 thoughts on “New Zealands Tiniest House?

  1. Hi Jola, utrolig hva du kan berette om fra New Zealand. Forhold som vi vanlig skapninger ellers aldri ville visst om. Ønsker deg lykke til videre og god hjemreise etterhvert. Beste hilsner Terje Engelhardtsen, innk. president, Akersborg Rotary Klubb i Oslo/Norway

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    1. Det er en fantastisk gruppe av mennesker her nede. Livene de lever er bare helt utrolige!!

      Jeg har sendt deg en melding på facebook også. Håper å høre fra deg der 🙂

      Ha en fin dag intill videre


  2. Such houses are future of everyone. In near future the family members prefer these RV travel houses. I am also thinking to discover one of such kind because they are not merely a house but a complete travel home. Love it, and shop it in near future.


    1. It really is a great way to travel because you have your home with you where ever you go.

      I hope you find the right one that will give you as much pleasure as mine does me.

      Have a wonderful day


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