Recladding The Q ute In 3 Minutes

The last month I have recladded my whole home, a tiny house called q-ute, with help from the talented ex-housetruckers Geoff and Lisa.
All the walls needed to be replaced. Today it is finished and I can again go out and embark on my journey once again.

That being said, this has been a journey on its own; I have learnt how to guide an electric fretsaw, measure, nail and screw my walls back in place. I have also learnt about silicon, and how to build to avoid getting water inside the home while traveling down a highway at high speeds.

Life is a journey, let us learn while it leads us!

3 thoughts on “Recladding The Q ute In 3 Minutes

  1. Hi Jola Josie,
    I have a tiny Housetruck on a 4wd Toyota Hilux 1996 ute. It’s similar to yours at 5metres long, the house is timber with stained glass windows. I’m on a skiing road trip at the moment from Waiheke Island to Wanaka, in Queenstown today. My wee truck is in need of some timber repairs and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sending me contact details for the guy who helped you do your recladding.
    Love your videos,
    Kind regards,


    1. Thats Awesome. The guy that helped me is an old houserucker that was a good friend of my mums when she was doing the Gypsy Fairs 30 years ago.

      He isn’t one that builds or does renovations by commission.

      Ill contact you at a later date if he is interested.

      Your home sounds wonderful!

      I would love to see a picture or two if you are able to send through some? 😀

      Hope you are enjoying your trip so far!


      1. Hi Jola Josie,

        Thanks for your email. Here’s a couple of pics of my tiny housetruck.

        I’ve since painted it a different colour. It’s now Aubergine with a light grey roof.

        Kind regards, Judith



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