Jenny and Joss

We are not all lucky enough to have to celebrations as this couple is. They had one wedding with family and friends, this was more a conventional celebration and another wedding amongst friends at a festival. I was so pleased to take photos of the beautiful moment they had together in a playful and down to earth celebration at the festival. In respect for the couple and their privacy, this is only a small collection of the many images they received from their wedding day.

Place: Kiwiburn, New Zealand

Millie and Zane

After many months of practice Millie and Zane got to then dance in front of their guests. Family and friends had traveled from all around New Zealand including also America, Australia and Norway to be apart of their special day. Married in the Bay Of Plenty in New Zealand.

Hair and makeup: Lipstick and Co

Zoe and Mike

Zoe and Mike each got ready individually and saw each other for the first time in a redwood forest. following was a beautiful ceremony at Zoe’s parents place then a full night with speeches, laughter, banquet, ice-cream and dancing.

Thank you to the beautiful couple, their parents and all the quests who made me feel welcome. I feel honored that I was able to capture this special day for you all!