Jamie Nicoll and his 1960 J4 Bedford Tiny House

Meet Jamie Nicoll, he travels around New Zealand in his 1960 J4 Bedford house bus while mountain bike riding for Santa Cruz. Jamie has converted this Bedford bus himself. Before it was his home it brought kids to and from school for 33 years. But its now kitted out with solar electrics, kitchen with gasContinue reading “Jamie Nicoll and his 1960 J4 Bedford Tiny House”

The Borderland Festival 2018

I have been in Norway during the summer and went to Denmark with two friends to go to a festival called Borderland. It is Denmarks regional burn of Burning Man. Borderland is a participatory festival. The people that choose to go, bring and make things that they want to have there. My two friends andContinue reading “The Borderland Festival 2018”