Lucy and Esala

Lucy and Esala got married on the 08.01.2022 in their own backyard in TePuke, New Zealand. It was in style with who they are and what they believe in: Simple, well put together and a perfect space for their loved ones to connect and share their love. Beautiful day with the beautiful couple. Hair andContinue reading “Lucy and Esala”

Siri and Håvard

Due to Corona, Siri and Håvard got married in Oslo Rådhus. They will be having their celebration next year. But I still had the pleasure to capture some images of them on this special day. I hope you enjoy. Place: Oslo Rådhus, Norway

Millie and Zane

After many months of practice Millie and Zane got to then dance in front of their guests. Family and friends had traveled from all around New Zealand including also America, Australia and Norway to be apart of their special day. Married in the Bay Of Plenty in New Zealand. Hair and makeup: Lipstick and Co

Alex and Joel’s wedding

This stunning wedding was in New Zealand. Together with Ocean Patrice we captured this beautiful day together with Alex, Joel and their family. Alex and Joel’s wedding day. I was there as a photographer, but captured a few moving images as well. music: I Vow to Thee My Country: composition by Gustav Holst and SirContinue reading “Alex and Joel’s wedding”

Ocean and Nicholas’s Wedding day

Ocean and Nicholas got married on the 6 April 2019 on a sail boat that they had previously used to sail together on for a few months before the wedding. Beautiful and simple wedding, but the laughter and, music and food had people dancing until we got kicked out. So much love between the happyContinue reading “Ocean and Nicholas’s Wedding day”