I was born in New Zealand in 1991. Mum (Heather) was Kiwi and Dad (Zotora) is Norwegian. When I was 12 years old Dad brought me to live in Norway after Mum had passed from cancer. We left behind my brothers and everything I knew.

As a child, my family and I lived in a huge housetruck, where I was free to walk around bare foot and adorned in colourful hippy garments. My fashion style and way of living has since been influenced by the Norwegian culture, but there was still something in me that called me to discover more about my roots, my mum and how I was brought up in this rather fantastical, yet unconventional nomadic way of life.

I therefore travelled back to New Zealand, bought a run down housetruck, and with a little TLC and some DIY got it running and set off on the road. I spent three years traveling around New Zealand in Mums footsteps, just me, my housetruck, and of course the many new friends I made along the way.

I have filmed, interviewed and found old film footage from when Mum was a part of this alternative community of travelers. I wanted to find answers to why Mum quit her job as a teacher to be a single mum on the road with four children.

One question sits at the core of my travels; “Do I know myself without knowing who Mum was?”


I have now been doing this documentary for three years, here are some videos on how thats been going. See more videos on tiny houses, my documentary and things I have been up to on my YouTube.

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