Have you ever considered that your home can represent who you are? Well I have. As a child I grew up in a housetruck and travelled around New Zealand in The Gypsy Fairs. You may be asking yourself, “what is a housetruck?” or “what are The Gypsy Fairs?” This documentary will provide an understanding of each of these concepts and how they can both influence one another. 

In this documentary I will travel to New Zealand (NZ) and seek out this community that I once was a part of. Doing so I hope to find out whether living a minimalistic nomad life is accepted in NZ and whether or not I can find out if I can go back to living this lifestyle.

In today’s Western society there are few that choose a lifestyle that is different to what is considered normal, however there are some that choose to live in a smaller home. This has become a movement called “The Tiny House Movement”. The modern gypsies that make this small community called The Gypsy Fairs are also a part of this movement, though, they have been doing this for the past 30 odd years, meaning that those whom were apart of the Gypsy Fairs at the time I was there were some of the founders and those how started it all. The participation my family and I had in this community will provide information, trust and other aspects, which will provide this documentary with the necessary aspects to be an interesting piece.

The founders decided to live a minimalistic life style in moving vehicles called housetrucks. Each housetruck is designed and built by individuals or families and are used to travel around New Zealand. To truly understand this lifestyle I will also go through the ritual of making my own housetruck and traveling together with the modern gypsies in the Gypsy Fairs whilst I track down the founders and those whom were apart of the Fairs whilst I was a child. The community was my family, though because of my early departure I am able to remain an observer of the community and critical to what I find and hear. Understanding the symbolic meaning of housetrucks for a community is also a very interesting aspect in anthropology. Symbols, cultures, and the connection between these two are important factors of understanding a group and its people. This is especially important for the modern gypsies, because there seems to be a lack of understanding of their culture today. This documentary will give more information about this lifestyle and therefore offer a better understanding of the symbols found within the culture, which will lead to a more positive way to look upon the modern gypsies today.

I am making a documentary that not only shows a culture that is misunderstood but I will also show the viewers New Zealand with its beauty and flaws, the mystery and magnificence of housetrucks. Another aspect i will be looking into is the New Zealand culture to the Norwegian culture. Where do I belong? Who was my mum? Why was the nomadic lifestyle so important for her? All of these questions will be answered in my feature length documentary.


I have now been doing this documentary for two years, here are some videos on how thats been going. See more videos on tiny houses, my documentary and things I have been up to on my YouTube.