Recladding The Q ute In 3 Minutes

The last month I have recladded my whole home, a tiny house called q-ute, with help from the talented ex-housetruckers Geoff and Lisa.
All the walls needed to be replaced. Today it is finished and I can again go out and embark on my journey once again.

That being said, this has been a journey on its own; I have learnt how to guide an electric fretsaw, measure, nail and screw my walls back in place. I have also learnt about silicon, and how to build to avoid getting water inside the home while traveling down a highway at high speeds.

Life is a journey, let us learn while it leads us!

KiwiBurn 2017

Kiwiburn is New Zealands regional burn of Burning Man.

Kiwiburn is a participatory festival. The people that choose to go, bring and make things that they want to have there. It is through this way of thinking that people create an amazing atmosphere where every performance, set up, art piece and so on are all there because people want to contribute.

I definitely enjoyed my time there and I would suggest to get in early and get next years ticket when you can!


Sundaise Festival 2017

The army, two fire trucks and the police called into Sundaes Festival both during and after the flood of the festival site Friday night/Saturday morning. The river rose to chest level and created panic, evacuation and waves across the main festival site causing house trucks, cloths stock, cars and heaps of beautiful work by the festival organizers to be destroyed. With the help from the salvation army, police, fire brigades, the army, festival organizers and individuals there were no injuries, however, it was not a pleasant experience and there are some that have left the site with less then what they arrived with. My regards goes out to all the festival beings that have shared this experience with me.